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The Ultimate Sports Package

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Includes: Straight Line 1000, Sports 360 Attachment, and Goal Centering Device!

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The Goal Centering Device

Price $240

The basketball goal determines the center of the court. Our Goal Centering Device (GCD) makes it completely seamless to center the lines of your court perfectly. Just place the Goal Centering Base inside of the basketball goal, drop down the plumb-bob, mark your center, and use our Straight Line 1000 and Sports 360 Attachment to start lining the court.

Straight line 1000™

The Straight Line 1000 allows you to simultaneously apply two parallel lines quickly and easily from standing position. Say good bye to back pain caused from bending over while applying tape to the floor. The Straight Line 1000 can be used in warehouses, gyms, government buildings and more.

Sports 360 Attachment™

With the Precision Line 360™ attachment, perfect circles are a snap! The telescopic tubing allows for infinite adjustments to meet any required dimensions. From Basketball courts to playgrounds, hazardous areas to restricted accesses, the Precision Line 360 applies the same reliability.

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    Precision Floor Marking

    Reduce labor costs and increase productivity, accuracy and durability on all your floor marking projects by purchasing the Straight Line 1000™.

    Our lifetime warranted machine has been tested to reduce the amount of time spent on floor marking by up to 66% while producing clear, crisp, precise lines of unequalled quality in half the time!

    The Straight Line 1000™ applies two parallel strips of masking tape at adjustable widths to frame floor lines from 1 inch to 8 inches wide.

    Masking lines has never been simpler: just push the Straight Line 1000™ quickly and effortlessly from a standing position, then use a paint roller to easily and accurately apply the best paint for your needs.

    No more relying on aerosol cans with inferior paint quality, a limited color selection, excessive overspray and unreliable results.

    While spraying machines have often been used for efficiency when marking a floor, they rarely offer the durability, accuracy and ease necessary to properly maintain critical floor markings.

    No more relying on temporary vinyl tape that wears unevenly, scoots across the floor and is impossible to remove. Now you can get the same crisp, precise lines using durable, long-lasting paint.

    With the Straight Line 1000™, the days of inconsistent line maintenance are now OVER. Click HOW IT WORKS to learn more about this 21st century technology for floor marking!

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    "Using the Straight Line 1000 we have been able to save 65% to 85% in costs, allowing us to obtain more work, with a greater profit margin."

    Jim Gochenour Dayco Painting President



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