A Complete OSHA Floor Marking Guide

There will always be hazardous situations in a warehouse with forklifts, energized equipment, loading docks and other activities, no matter how safe your work environment may be. Warehouse floor marking guidelines will improve safety in the workplace. Floor marking tape is essential to communicate direction and information to those in the warehouse by using lines and symbols taped onto the floor. This visual communication creates order, raises awareness to dangerous areas, and mitigates accidents with safety markings on the floor. That’s why OSHA requirements have compliance guidelines for floor marking that we at Precision Floor Marking abide by and highly encourage you to do the same. To ensure the safety of your personnel, your workplace environment should take similar measures.

OSHA Floor Marking Requirements

OSHA’s standard on materials handling and storage states that permanent aisles and passageways “shall be appropriately marked”, with additional interpretations that include the following:

Floor Marking Lines Must be at least 2″ wide

To ensure maximum visibility, floor marking lines must be at least 2 inches wide; however, OSHA requirements have a range between 2” and 6” so you can select what is best for your workplace.

Aisles should be at least 4′ wide

Standard OSHA aisle marking requirements are set at 4” wide or 3’ wider than the largest piece of equipment used on that aisle.

Facilities with unusual surfaces may use flags, traffic cones, barrels and other similar methods

Your workplace may have unusual surfaces that would benefit from safety markings such as flags, traffic cones, barrels or other methods to alert workers and visitors of hazard zones.

OSHA Floor Marking Color Requirements

The following color standards are provided by OSHA, albeit there are no hard and fast guidelines about what each color should stand for. Safety color codes are an effective way to communicate guidance for employees and clients. Using consistent color codes will keep visual floor marking communication straightforward and easy to follow.

Red and Yellow MUST be used for marking physical hazards

The OSHA floor marking color guide is adamant with the use of red and yellow.

Think red, think fire hydrants. Red identifies fire-related hazards and safety fire protection equipment, emergency switches, bars, and buttons on hazardous machines.

Like a yield sign, yellow immediately signifies caution. Areas marked in yellow give warning signs of hazards such as tripping or falling.

Beyond this, however, employers are free to mark the floors with any colors they choose as long as they do it consistently throughout the facility. Conformity with color coded floor lines brings clarity to the visual message.

How to Avoid Hazards with OSHA Floor Marking

OSHA floor marking requirements demonstrate how to avoid hazards with clear visual communication that is easily understood.

Separate workers from machines and moving equipment

Use floor marking to establish OSHA walkway requirements with walking paths separated from traffic lanes used by forklifts, and other moving machinery for safety.

Warn of hazardous areas

Use safety lines to warn employees of hazardous areas such as loading docks, dangerous equipment nearby or areas with exposed edges.

Provide instructions on where to stand or where to avoid

Warehouse floor markers will provide instructions to people who need to know where it’s safe to stand and where it is not. These warehouse floor marking instructions are vital for workplace safety when heavy machinery and other equipment are operating nearby.

Improve forklift safety

Employers must do everything they can to improve forklift safety. Forklifts are fraught with hazards. Warehouse floor markings are an effective way to keep employees and visitors away from imbalanced or unsafe loads on forklifts with separate pathways. Safety lines also provide traffic control for forklift drivers so they will be safe as well.

Keeps employees safe in low-light conditions

Specialized phosphorescent floor marking tape will keep employees safe in low-lit conditions. Illuminated OSHA aisle marking requirements have been established to help employees find exits and emergency equipment in the event of an emergency when lighting is poor.

Improve organization with OSHA floor marking

OSHA walkway requirements will provide a safe working environment as well as improved productivity for your facility. That’s a win-win! Floor lines will communicate designated locations for tools, equipment, and trash receptacles. Hazardous equipment such as forklifts and other items will be kept in their proper place with floor lines.

Establish traffic routes

Floor lines will clearly establish pedestrian traffic routes. Routes will be marked as safe and will direct you to the right area which increases workplace productivity as well.

Designate storage areas

Outlining product and storage areas with floor tape creates a safe environment in the workplace that increases productivity. Tools and supplies will be in their proper place and marked as safe while hazardous equipment will be clearly marked in a separate area.

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