About Floor Marking Tape and Why it Works Great With the Straight Line 1000!

Installing floor marking tape is one simple but effective way to communicate organization, safety, and navigation throughout the company. Warehouse floor marking guidelines are generally standardized for wider utilization and understanding. OHSA and ANSI provide guidelines for different colors of safety floor markings including yellow (warnings, designated aisles), white (equipment and vehicle storage areas), red (potential fire hazards and equipment), and striped tape (safety zones). By simply adding some color with floor marking tape, you will increase productivity and safety throughout the entire facility.

You might think laying all these tape lines would be a time-consuming and expensive process. In most cases you’d be right. That’s where we come in: our Straight Line 1000 tape applicator is designed to be used by just one person to complete the job in considerably less time than regular floor striping.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of floor marking with tape and our innovative floor tape marking machine.

Benefits of Using Tape for Floor Marking Systems

Floor tape is the marking method of choice by many companies for a variety of reasons. Industrial floor marking tape can be used to indicate hazards or designate specific work areas and workflows. These methods help improve workplace organization and safety. Floor marking tape is also easy to apply and removes more readily and cleanly than other methods. Unlike other methods such as floor marking paint, which requires much preparation and care before and after application, floor marking tape saves time and prevents productivity being lost due to painting and drying time. Choose warehouse floor tape for a flexible way to meet the needs of your business as they change and evolve.

Simple and Easy Installation

The Straight Line 1000 – our industrial floor tape applicator – makes installation even easier. After cleaning the intended surface, use the chalk line pin included and attached to the applicator to place guidelines before taping. After setting up six well-placed rolls of tapes (three on each side of the applicator), you’re ready to begin laying down long lines of tape: simply follow your chalk lines with the long pointer and apply pressure. The wide wheels and long wheel base make laying straight line floor tape effortless for any user.

Floor Marking Tape is Cost Effective

Compared to other options, warehouse floor marking tape is the more affordable solution for your business. The durability of floor marking tape saves you the time and money you would otherwise spend marking your floors with traditional paint which needs to be touched up often. After adding up the cost of painting with the lost time, lost efficiency, plus materials (and possibly contracting a professional to do the job), painting is an ongoing and more expensive option. Save time, money, and future headaches with warehouse floor tape markings.

Reliable and Durable Floor Marking Lines

Factory floor marking tapes are strategically designed to withstand almost any work environment. Paint, however, is susceptible to the scratches, scuffs, and fading from the wear and tear of foot traffic and heavy machinery. This leads to ongoing upkeep and the additional downtime for your team as a result. Those problems are solved with industrial floor tape – designed to last and fit for all purposes.

4. Last Minute Customization

Factory floor marking tape is also much easier to customize and correct when compared to paint, again, saving you time and money. In addition to the chalk line pin on the Straight Line 1000, the machine also includes an offset pointer which allows you to touch up existing marked lines in no time.

Check Out Our Straight Line 1000 for the BEST Floor Marking System!

The Straight Line 1000 is the perfect choice for your floor marking job. Our floor tape marking machine enables just a single person to complete the job in a fraction of the time. As a result, you’ll increase accuracy and durability on all your jobs while saving precious time and labor costs.

Order now and see why the Straight Line 1000 is the better way to get the job done.