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The Precision Line 360

  • Precision Line 360 floor marking tool | Quality floor marking tool
  • Precision Line 360™floor marking tool | Smart way to reduce labor cost

With the Precision Line 360™ attachment, perfect circles are a snap!

The Precision Line 360™ attaches easily—no tools required – to the Straight Line 1000™.

It quickly and easily masks perfect circles. Now your in-house staff can create circles with a radius from 2 feet to 24 feet using the Precision Line 360 Sport Court Kit.

To create even larger circles, simply purchase additional radial lengths (up to 8 feet in length).

The telescopic tubing allows for infinite adjustments to meet any required dimensions. From Basketball courts to playgrounds, hazardous areas to restricted accesses, the Precision Line 360 applies the same reliability, efficiency and precision to get your project done – all with our 100% Limited Lifetime Guarantee to ensure years of crisp, accurate striping, increased quality and decreased labor costs.

Additional Infomation on the Precision Line 360™
Instructions for the Precision Line 360™ attachment

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  • Precision Line 360 floor marking tool | Quality floor marking tool

    Sports 360 Attachment

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