The Straight Line 1000™ Floor Tape Applicator

Warehouse Floor Marking

Properly marking a warehouse facility’s permanent aisles, passageways and forklift lanes is one of the best operational investments any company can make. Clearly marked facilities can save thousands each year in injuries, accidents, lost work time and OSHA fines.

The Straight Line 1000™ allows in-house staff the ability to create crisp, precise, durable aisle markings and eliminates the need for outside contractors. Virtually anyone can use the Straight Line 1000™ during downtime to keep the facility’s striping constantly up to code.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Straight Line 1000™ is a permanent investment in safety, convenience and quality that you will benefit your facility for many years.

The Straight Line 1000™ greatly simplifies the warehouse floor marking process.

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Traditional aisle marking methods require two people applying tape manually, often from their hands and knees. With the fully adjustable Straight Line 1000™, one person can do the job of two, and the work progresses much faster. These efficiencies translate directly into cost savings for your maintenance budget.

By adding the Precision Line 360™ attachment, you can double your initial labor savings and continually realize increased inventory efficiencies by applying three parallel strips of tape in one easy pass. This allows one line to be painted yellow to meet safety standards, and the second line painted to designate specific inventory areas. Make stockers, order pickers and re-stockers more efficient and more accurate by clearly designating inventory areas with precisely marked areas.

Gymnasium Floor/Line Marking

The Straight Line 1000™ applies the same efficiencies and precision to masking gymnasium floors for painting.

In conjunction with the Precision Line 360™ attachment, the Straight Line 1000™ makes short work of masking all regulation gymnasium floor lines.

The steady, even pressure applied to the tape during masking virtually eliminates bleed-through and greatly simplifies removing the tape after painting.

The Precision Line 360™ Basketball Court Kit comes standard with everything you need to mask any line on any size court. The radius-maker is fully adjustable from a 2-foot radius out to a 24-foot radius.

Creating a professional, crisp, clear, exact basketball court has never been easier or more cost efficient.

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Floor Marking for Contractors

Underbid your competitors, win more contracts and increase your profits by more than 60% using the Straight Line 1000™!
By using one worker per striping job — instead of the traditional two workers — you can dramatically cut labor costs and increase productivity by keeping workers off their hands and knees.

In less than 4,500 linear yards (approximately 12 hours) of floor marking, you can fully recoup your initial investment for the Straight Line 1000™.

With a lifetime product guarantee, you can continue saving money for many years to come. No floor marking tool on the market today offers more value than the Straight Line 1000™.

Government Floor Marking

The Straight Line 1000™ has numerous applications for government-owned properties and facilities:

  • air craft hangers
  • warehouses
  • storage areas
  • sports and recreation amenities
  • parking areas
  • directional guide lines
  • safety boundaries
  • restricted areas

As a woman owned small business (WOSB) Precision Floor Marking likely satisfies all diversity procurement initiatives. Though not currently certified as a MWBE, capital and leadership structure do satisfy the requirements of that designation.

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Floor Marking for Trade Shows

Make HUGE cuts to your labor costs during trade show setup using the Straight Line 1000™ from Precision Floor Marking. The Straight Line 1000™ quickly and effectively applies two parallel strips of tape to most any surface. You and save thousands of dollars on labor costs, workers comp claims and insurance premiums. The Straight Line 1000™ can be used for multiple applications, including:

  • Simplify marking floor plans in exhibit halls
  • Mark aisles, booth spaces, utilities, etc. with masking tape
  • Apply carpet tape for aisles and booths
  • The Straight Line 1000™ weighs almost 40 pounds – perfect for applying extra pressure to carpets after rolling out to get good adhesion to the tape.
  • Mark other specialty areas – directional lines, event courses, etc.

All of Precision Floor Marking’s products are backed by a Limited LIFETIME GUARANTEE for years of reliable service which can save your business thousands of dollars. Other benefits include:

  • Immediate, Ongoing and Measurable Cost Savings . . . Enough to repay the purchase price in days, not months.
  • Lifetime Warranty! If you experience a problem, we will repair or replace at no cost to you, including shipping.
  • Unmatched Accuracy and Consistency . . . No guessing, no fudging, just geometric precision, every time.
  • Unrivaled Convenience:
    • Stand-up application reduces back stress, injuries and workers comp claims.
    • Adjustable lane width (from 5/8 to 8 inches) to meet different needs.
    • Utilizes standard, inexpensive masking or painters tape
    • Four-inch tape applicator accessory to apply different widths of tape.
    • Built-in chalk line anchor to mark lines using only one person.

Get your workers off their hands and knees. Decrease workers comp claims and insurance premiums. Increase productivity. Decrease setup time. Increase safety. Decrease number of workers needed for carpet installation. INCREASE YOUR PROFITS!!!!!

Various Additional Floor Marking Applications

The Straight Line 1000™ has been successfully used in other applications, such as:

  • Hospitals (directional markings)
  • Cold storage areas
  • Trade Shows (marking booth spaces)
  • Swimming Pools
  • Parking Lots
  • Commercial floor marking
  • Temporary floor marking needs

Additional Floor Marking Tape Applications

Discover the many different situations where Precision Floor Marking will be essential. Purchase the Straight Line 1000 to mark your own floors with a line marking machine. Because the Straight Line 1000 is easy to use, you will not need to contract the work out. Save money and get the job done on your own schedule using your own maintenance team and your own floor marking tape machine.

Floor Marking for Hospitals

Floor markings for hospitals are convenient, efficient and provide the necessary safety precautions. Different colored floor markings can be used to direct traffic. Just follow the blue path to the physical therapy area for example. The floor markings will be helpful for guiding patients, visitors, staff and venders in an orderly fashion. Mark those swinging doors with floor markings warning those nearby to stay clear of the area in case the door abruptly swings open in an emergency rush. The swinging door warning floor marking tape will also advise people to keep the area clear of obstacles. Outside the hospital, ground markings should be utilized to indicate areas such as patient loading and unloading areas and different markings for emergency areas.

Your maintenance team can use our floor marking tape machine to maintain the hospital floor markings without having to hire outside contractors to do the job. Supply your maintenance team with floor marking machines so they can keep up with tape repairs and to stay in compliance with the high safety standards and regulations hospitals have to abide by. Germs can attach to the sticky underside of tape if it is pulled up. Loose tape can cause a tripping hazard for those walking as well as for those in wheelchairs.

Call Precision Floor Marking today for a floor line marking machine that will make your hospital run efficiently, conveniently and safely.

Cold Storage Area Floor Marking

A floor marking tape machine will be very useful for your Cold Storage Area. Use our precise Straight Line 1000 Floor marking tape applicator as a visual means of communication to mark aisle ways, floor areas and to mark off caution areas. Floor marking tape can be altered to adapt to the changing needs of your cold storage area. Save time and money by owning your own machine enabling you to make your own floor marking changes as needed.

Swimming Pool Line Marking

You could not have a swim meet at your swimming pool without painted line markings to guide swimmers to swim in their own line. Use a line striping machine to mark guide lines for lane placement and to indicate when has reached the end of the pool. Use “T” shaped pool marking lines on the end of the pool to mark the turn-around and push off point for swimmers. Own a line painting machine to keep your swimming pool line markings fresh, clear and maintained.

Line Marking for Parking Lots

Parking lots become a bit crazy without straight line markings to guide motorists how to park. People just do not park in an orderly fashion without those painted straight line markings. Handicapped parking spots also need to be clearly marked with a line marking machine to consider those with disabilities. Keep your parking lot line markings maintained with line striping equipment from Precision Floor Marking.

Temporary Floor Marking

Temporary floor markings are useful in many situations. Obtain a floor tape marking machine for those occasions when you do not want permanent floor marking lines. Our Straight line 1000 floor tape applicator can be used on a variety of surfaces with a variety of floor line widths ranging from 1 to 8 inches. Temporary floor markings are essential for order, convenience, efficiency and safety in a variety of environments that require floor markings that are not permanent.