Floor Marking Solutions for Contractors

As fellow contractors, we don’t need to tell you how important efficiency is to your business; it’s obvious! The more clients you can acquire, the more money you can make. What we can inform you about is how a floor marking machine can be the key to growing your contractor floor marking business due to the efficiency it will bring to your jobs. The Straight Line 1000™ floor marking machine can open up your options when it comes to both clients and job types as it is versatile enough to complete nearly any floor marking job. Easy to use, safe, and always delivering quality results, Precision Floor Marking’s tools and products can be just what a contractor needs to revamp their business and increase their profit margins.

Our floor marking machine is perfect for commercial painting contractors, general contractors, concrete contractors, and maintenance departments, turning them into experts when it comes to marking floors for all types of jobs.

Floor Marking Uses For Contractors

Warehouse Floor Marking

A warehouse requiring multiple lines for paths, forklift lanes, loading zones, and walking aisles is a highly sought after job for any painting contractor. They can also be extensive, time-consuming jobs. Precision Floor Marking’s floor marking machine and equipment can help decrease job time, increase productivity, saving time and money, as well as help ensure your work is OHSA compliant. For more on OHSA regulations, visit our blog

Gym Floor and Line Marking

The same quality of workmanship for warehouse jobs can be carried over to gym floor and line marking jobs. For gym floor marking, precision is key. The Straight Line 1000™ floor marking machine, when paired with the Precision Line 360™ sports attachment, is perfect for marking gymnasium floors. The attachment applies added pressure applied to the tape which prevents bleed-through and makes removing the tape much easier for your workers. 

For basketball court marking, we offer The Precision Line 360™ Basketball Court Kit, with everything necessary to make a court of any size thanks to the adjustable radius. Making perfect circles has never been easier!

Floor Marking For Trade Shows

The layout of your trade show is important to those seeking to rent booth space as well as attendees. With foot traffic being the goal of trade show clients, ample booth space, placement and organization is going to be important to your clients. With The Straight Line 1000™ you can deliver accurate dimensions and ensure your trade show floor is adequately marked. 

Our floor marking applicator is the perfect tool for creating directional lines, paths, booth spaces, and aisles. As an added bonus the Straight Line 1000™ can even apply carpet tape for aisles and booths. With a weight of approximately 40 pounds, the added pressure is ideal for ensuring carpets are sufficiently adhered to the tape after rolling.

Floor Marking For Hospitals

Landing a hospital client is a big win for a building contractor and it can be an extensive and important project with strict floor marking restrictions. Standard floor marking tape can be implemented in several areas such as color coded tape for directional uses, marking proper places for trash bins, linen bins, bed placement for mobile beds and staff work areas. More strict guidelines and special tape need to be used in restricted and sterile areas such surgical rooms.

The Straight Line 1000™ floor marking machine can be used with most types of floor tape and can easily manage any large hospital jobs. You can promise clear, precise, and visible lines that can help direct patients, doctors, and staff to the right area. The Straight Line 1000™ can be key in completing the job to the hospital’s strict safety regulations.

Cold Storage Area Floor Marking

Contractors can run into trouble attempting to mark floors in cold storage areas. The frigid temperatures can make it difficult for the tape to adhere, leaving it cracked and susceptible to becoming a tripping hazard. The extra weight of the Straight Line 1000™, combined with the correct type of tape for these frigid environments, ensures the tape adheres so you are not stuck having to reapply tape, losing out on time money, and job quality. 

Swimming Pool Line Marking

Marking lines on a sloped, curved surface such as a swimming pool can be difficult. Your client will no doubt want straight, perfectly measured lines, especially if the pool is used for swim meets or events, so accuracy is key! Even on curved, uneven surfaces, the Straight Line 1000™ and the Precision Line 360™ can make the job a breeze! 

Line Marking For Parking Lots

A parking lot job may seem simple, but with lots of surface area to cover and a verity of lines, from handicapped parking to crosswalk, to perfectly measured spaces, you’ll need to be able to cover a lot of ground and create all types of different lines. The line striping equipment from Precision Floor Marking is just what you need to leave your clients amazed by the quality and the speed. 

Win Bids Over Other Line Marking Contractors 

With the ease and effectiveness of the Straight Line 1000™ you’ll be able to reduce your contractor expenses and can send the savings onto your clients. Offering lower prices, and shorter jobs, you can underbid other commercial contractors and win more jobs. Once you get a Straight Line 1000™, clients won’t be able to find a contractor with prices and expertise like yours!

Increase Your Profits With the Straight Line 1000™

The simplicity of the Straight Line 1000™ not only reduces the amount of time it takes to complete a job but the number of workers needed.  A normal two-man job can be reduced to one worker as Straight Line 1000™ is so easy to use, it only requires one person to operate. It also keeps your workers healthy–not having to be on their hands and knees for the entire job–and increases accuracy. Increased productivity, more jobs, fewer accidents – Straight Line 1000™ is a sure-fire way to increase your profits. 

How You Will Recoup Your Floor Marking Tape Applicator Investment

Some investments can take years and endless contracts to finally recoup the initial purchase. Since Precision Floor Marking’s Straight Line 1000™ cuts time and the number of workers needed, your initial investment is just a few jobs and yards away! In less than 4,500 linear yards of floor marking (typically around 12 hours), you can fully recoup your Straight Line 1000™ and begin to see a profit! 

We’ve found, on average, that contractors can save $1,000 for every 2,500 ft. when using our floor marking machine over the old, traditional way of manually laying floor tape.

The Precision Floor Marking Lifetime Product Guarantee

A name you can trust, Precision Floor Marking stands by our products and services. Every Precision Floor Marking machine comes with top-notch customer service and a lifetime product guarantee. If you experience an issue and need a repair or replacement, we handle it at no charge to you and will even take care of the shipping costs!