Government Floor Line Marking

Government buildings range in style, function, and design but they all share a need for proper lines to help direct traffic, organize and secure various areas of the building. Floor line markings, like warehouse floor paint and industrial floor tape may seem small, but they can play an important role in creating an efficient government building. Precision Floor Marking has the equipment necessary, including The Straight Line 1000™, to create a safe, effective, and communicative government building.

Also, as a woman-owned small business (WOSB) Precision Floor Marking likely satisfies all diversity procurement initiatives. Though not currently certified as an MWBE, capital and leadership structure do satisfy the requirements of that designation.

Uses for the Straight Line 1000™ Floor Marking Applicator

Whether safety, appearance, or efficiency, The Straight Line 1000™ has numerous applications and benefits to government-owned properties and facilities.

Aircraft Hanger

Airport hangars are one of the more unique types of government buildings. As such, they often require a very strict, well organized and safe environment. Lines can be used to create pathways, direct traffic, and block off dangerous areas. No matter what aircraft hanger floor marking line or style, you can depend on the Straight Line 1000™ to create lines that are perfectly measured and stand out.

Government Warehouses

Typically, a government warehouse requires multiple lines for pathways and storage areas. Contracting a government warehouse job that requires marking the floors would be an extensive operation that could interrupt daily operations and set back other jobs. With Straight Line 1000™ you can quickly and easily apply accurate parallel lines with warehouse floor tape and warehouse floor marking paint saving you labor costs and time.

There’s an added OSHA-approved benefit of the Straight Line 1000™. Since most warehouse and facility injuries and accidents are comprised of mobile and slipping hazards, the aim of OSHA rules is to reduce surface violations and emphasize the need for visible, clear warehouse floor marking, safety floor marking, and important directional lines. The Straight Line 1000™ and Precision Floor Markings’ other products are able to get a government property up to OSHA warehouse floor marking standards, preventing fines and giving you peace of mind when it comes to the safety and efficiency of the warehouse.

Government Storage Areas

With so much material coming, going (and staying) in a government storage area, the organization is key. The Straight Line 1000™ can help with warehouse floor marking and warehouse floor striping to help create an organized storage area that is up to factory floor marking standards. When improperly installed, or not maintained, industrial floor marking tape can become a tripping hazard in addition to collecting dust and debris. The best industrial floor tape applicator you can find, The Straight Line 1000™ makes it easy to follow warehouse floor marking guidelines so warehouse floor marking tape and warehouse floor striping paint is properly and accurately installed leading to a cleaner, safer environment.

Sports and Recreation Amenities

The Straight Line 1000™ is not just for industrial floor marking. The versatile tool can be used for government-owned and maintained sports and recreation areas as well. For example, with he Precision Line 360™attachment, it is easy to tape and paint a gymnasium floor. In the event you need to create a basketball court, The Precision Line 360™ Basketball Court kit comes with an adjustable radius-maker capable of any radius between 2 and 24 feet. Even better, our floor marking machine is made at a comfortable height to save your knees and back when marking floors.

Government Parking Areas

The Straight Line 1000™ works on cement and asphalt as well, making it the perfect tool to create a well-structured, organized, government parking areas. Indicating reserved spaces for high-ranking officials, or handicapped spaces, crosswalks, and even, clear parking sports, there are countless uses of the  Straight Line 1000™ floor marking machine when it comes to government parking lots.

Directional Guidelines

Clear, concise, directional guidelines are pivotal in a safe environment. OSHA demands that “permanent aisles and passageways must be marked appropriately and in a consistent manner.” A key part of that dictates action and organization. With a uniform, easy to follow process, the Straight Line 1000™ floor marking machine, makes it easy to create those aisles, passages, and directional guidelines with the consistency needed to meet OSHA standards.

Government Regulated Safety Boundaries

Controlling work areas within a government building often means creating regulated safety boundaries. Often times that comes down to the proper placement of warehouse floor tape markings and warehouse floor marking paint to indicate the clear and strict boundaries within a specific government area. With our top of the line industrial floor marking applicator, creating straight and uniform boundaries is a breeze.

Restricted Government Areas

In a government building, security is always the top concern. Depending on the type of government facility, there can be sensitive information available or high-value products. Maintaining the security and safety of employees and citizens means controlling the level of access individuals are allowed. Those types of restricted area warnings are only effective if they catch the attention of a passerby. The Straight Line 1000™ can play a pivotal role in this, helping people identify restricted areas and creating bright, attention-grabbing indicators of these zones.

Why Use Straight Line 1000™?

The Straight Line 1000™ floor marking machine has numerous applications for government-owned properties and facilities. It was developed by experienced contractors that understood the need for a tool that would be accurate as well as durable. Being contractors ourselves, we built our industrial floor marking machine to also increase profit by increasing productivity while also reducing our labor costs. When you use Straight Line 1000™ for your government jobs that require extensive floor marking, you can save approximately $1,000 for every 2,500 feet which can be significant on those large warehouse type of jobs.

Interested in how we can help you with your big commercial jobs? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss our commercial grade floor marking applicator with you.