Gone are the days of the slow back-breaking work it took to mask off straight floor lines for your gym.

Map out precise gym floor line markings with the efficient Straight Line 1000™ from Precision Floor Marking. The Straight Line 1000™ quickly applies parallel strips of inexpensive 2-inch masking tape as guide lines for painting your gym floor markings onto the floor.

Benefits of Using the Straight Line 1000™

Instead of feeling like the grunt that is burdened with the task of laying down gym floor markings, you may actually volunteer for the task. When you discover how the Straight Line 1000™ gym floor tape machine works, you may even have fun marking off those gym floor lines. One person, standing up can easily knock off the task; it brings automation to the gym floor line painting process.  

Mark Gym Floor Lines with Precision

Mark your gym floor lines with precision with the Straight Line 1000™. The width of the gym floor striping can be accurately adjusted from 1 inch to 8 inches. It is very satisfying to see how quickly two parallel borders of gym floor tape can be applied to the floor with such precision. Built right into the Straight Line 1000™ is a chalk line snap that is easy to operate; this chalk line guides the gym floor marking tape with ease and precision. Use the offset pointer on the Straight Line 1000™ to follow the chalk line guide and you will achieve precise gym floor lines. Use our Precision Line 360™ attachment in conjunction with the Straight Line 1000™ for masking all curved lines on gymnasium floor lines.   

Saves You Valuable Time

Save valuable time with the Straight Line 1000™:

Without the Straight Line 1000™ gym floor marking tape machine, this process takes two people with four times the working time to complete the job. Gym floor striping is easily accomplished with one person in a quarter of the time it would take 2 people without the Straight Line 1000™ machine.

The accurate width marking system combined with the chalk line snap and the offset pointer makes measuring and accurately applying the gym floor lines a breeze saving you valuable time.    

The Straight Line 1000™ Saves You Money 

The automated process created by the Straight Line 1000™ translates to savings for your maintenance budget. You now have a fast-simple-accurate method of marking off your gym floor markings in record time saving you man hours. For those necessary curved gym floor lines, the Sports 360 Attachment™ is even more helpful. You will save money the first time you use our gym floor tape machine and every time thereafter.  

Hiring outside contractors can get expensive, but you can save on that cost by taking care of the project with your own people using the Straight Line 1000™ gym line tape machine.

The safe process of our gym floor tape marking machine guards against accidents and injuries. Nobody wants to file for workman’s comp!

A professional painting contractor designed the Straight Line 1000™ to increase his productivity with a sturdy gym line tape machine built to last. The sturdy steel construction of the Straight Line 1000™ along with high quality soft rubber wheels comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee.   

The Basketball Court Paint Solution

Basketball Court markings present another challenge for gym floor markings with curved and circle court lines necessary for the three point line, free throw circle and the center circle for starting the game and for those jump balls. Precision Floor Marking has the perfect solution for these curved gym floor lines with the Sports 360 Attachment™ attachment that comes standard with our basketball court marking kit containing everything you need to mask off any line on any sized basketball court. The radius-marker is fully adjustable from a 2-foot radius to a 24-foot radius. The Precision Line 360™ attachment will produce crisp, perfect basketball court tape lines when used with the Straight Line 1000™ gym line tape machine. 

Temporary Gym Floor Line Marking

Temporary gym floor line marking will allow you to use the same gym floor for different sports or events. Use the Straight Line 1000™ gym floor tape machine for temporary gym floor makings for: 

  • Pickleball
  • Volleyball
  • Floor Hockey
  • Badminton
  • Tradeshows
  • Job Fairs

The best way to mark your gym floor lines is with the Straight Line 1000 ™ from Precision Floor Marking.  The Straight Line 1000 ™ is fast, simple and accurate. Call today for your Straight Line 1000™ and save time and money on your gym floor marking projects every time.