Benefits of Floor Marking Tapes for Basketball Courts

Floor marking tapes are used to communicate information in different settings for a wide variety of purposes. Floor marking conveys hazardous and caution warnings in industrial settings, provides direction and divides spaces in office and hospitals, and defines aisles and pathways in warehouses as well as many other uses. The industrial strength adhesive is necessary to ensure a strong bond so they can hold up against heavy use and traffic to last for a long time.

While industrial and manufacturing facilities are some of the most common use for floor marking tapes, floor marking is also common for athletic courts such as a basketball court. Floor marking tape for basketball courts is the best choice because they’re affordable, efficient, and durable with a variety of vivid colors to choose from. Athletes and referees can be confident on a court marked with tape.

How to Use Floor Marking Tape To Mark Lines on a Basketball Court

There are two different ways floor marking tape is used for basketball courts. For gymnasiums and outdoor basketball courts that still paint their lines, temporary floor marking tape is used to “mark” where the paint will be applied and then the tape is removed once the paint has dried. For others, permanent floor tape is used to mark the lines on their basketball courts.

When marking an indoor basketball court, choosing the correct floor marking tapes is important.
You don’t want floor tape with an over aggressive adhesive that will scar or damage the gymnasium floor when it is removed, but when using permanent tape, it needs to be strong enough to withstand heavy use. The best floor marking tapes for a basketball court will not curl up or lift up from the edges with heavy use.

If you’re marking an outdoor court on cement, you’ll want to be sure to select a tape with enough adhesion to press into the surface.

With the wide range of floor marking tapes available, you can choose the best option for an indoor or outdoor basketball court. There are excellent floor taping options designed specifically for wood or concrete surfaces.

Advantages of Using Floor Marking Tapes

Painting court lines is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Paint lines wear down and get marred easily, requiring lines to be repainted often. Repainting basketball lines is labor intensive and inconvenient with lengthy drying and curing times. These drawbacks demonstrate why using proper floor marking tape applied with a quality floor tape marking machine is the best choice for marking basketball court lines.

The benefits of floor taping far outweigh painting a court. Using floor marking tape and applying it with a top-quality floor tape machine provides many benefits which include:

  • Easy Installation – Floor tape lays down easily and adheres firmly & quickly. There’s far less downtime using floor tape for court lines vs. painting the lines.
  • Durable – Floor marking tape will not come off the floor until you’re ready for it to be removed. Athletes and officials need to be able to focus on the game, not second guessing where the line is marked. The strong adhesive, high-quality floor tapes offer ensures it will stay in place, no curling or lifting, regardless of if the court is indoors or outdoors.
  • Customizable, Vivid Color – Floor tape comes in an extensive variety of colors, shapes, and widths making it easier to correctly mark a basketball court with highly visible and clearly defined lines. A benefit for both referees and athletes alike.
  • Affordable – When compared to other floor marking alternatives, floor taping is by far the more budget-friendly option. Because it will last far longer than paint, you’ll save even more money and time in the long run by not needing to re-mark your courts as often.

How to Install Floor Marking Tape on a Basketball Court

Court lines are essential for any games played on a basketball court. Your lines need to be accurate, clear, and durable to withstand the game and not interfere with play. Below are some basic, easy steps for installation. For more detailed instructions and tips when using a floor tape applicator, see our Instructions & Tips info or check out our helpful basketball court application videos.

Installation Steps:

  • Determine the basketball court markings needed and accurate measurements.
  • Create temporary guide points for lines along with beginning & end points. Mark using chalk or masking tape.
  • Begin to apply the tape following the temporary guides. Remove the adhesive liner at the beginning of the roll then apply about 10-12 inches of tape. Be sure to use moderate and even tension and press down firmly in shorter sections to ensure an even line and maximum adhesion.
  • Make certain to press down firmly and evenly to ensure it fully conforms to the surface. Going over the tape with a heavy rubber tire, such as a tire on a dolly, will help, but be careful to not turn the wheel while on freshly laid tape.
  • Allow 24 – 48 hours for floor tape to fully cure before using the surface. After this time frame has passed, press down one more time with a tire for good measure.

Why Should You Use a Floor Marking Machine When Applying Floor Tape?

Floor marking may seem like a back breaking, labor intensive task. And when you attempt it without using a high quality floor marking tape machine that was built by experts with many years of applying floor tape on their hands and knees, it certainly can be.

Using a floor marking tape machine will save your organization money by reducing time and labor costs. For instance, in less than 5,000 linear yards of striping, the Straight Line 1000 floor marking machine easily pays for itself. It lowers labor and time dramatically by over 66%!

A floor marking machine also allows for straighter, more precise lines that are more difficult to achieve without using a floor tape applicator.

Why Should You Buy A Floor Marking Machine from Precision Floor Marking?

Precision Floor Marking manufactures top of the line floor marking machines that ensure the straightest lines are applied with precision on any surface and with far less effort. Our machines are built in the USA with quality and durability in mind and come with a lifetime warranty. We sell and ship our machines all across the globe.

Whether you’re marking the lines yourself or you are a contractor, your savings in both time and money will be substantial. It’s a great investment in convenience and a quality product that will benefit you for many different floor marking projects and will last for years!

If you’d like to learn more about how much you can save and the convenience of using our floor marking tape machine, visit our website here. (link to the How It Saves page) If you would like to see our machines in action, visit our demo page.

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