A Complete Wood Floor Marking Guide for Gymnasiums

Upgrade your gym floor marking project with the ultimate basketball court tape machine. Our top-notch Straight Line 1000 floor marking tape machine is perfect for gymnasiums and community centers looking to save time and money. It’s not just any tape machine; it’s the best gym floor tape machine for hardwood floors. Say goodbye to tedious manual applications and hello to a hassle-free experience. Get your courts looking professional with our basketball court tape machine today! 

1. Determine What Courts Will Need to Be Marked

Is it your task to mark courts on a hardwood floor? If you need a wood floor marking machine for volleyball, pickleball, or a basketball court, we offer the best solution with the Straight Line 1000 tape machine from Precision Floor Marking. Even for basketball courts with their curved lines and the goals that determine the center of the court, our amazing Straight Line 1000 gym floor tape machine will give you professional results. To make this process super easy for you, Precision Floor Marking’s Goal Center Device (GCD) is fantastic. It allows you to effortlessly center the lines of your court with precision. And if you’re specifically interested in a basketball court, let me tell you about the best basketball court tape machine out there! The Sports 360 attachment is like magic; it applies perfectly curved gym floor lines for that professional look.

2. Figure Out if You Want to Use Tape or Paint

Consider if your wood floor markings should be marked with paint or semi-permanent gym floor tape. If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution, paint might be the way to go. Paint gives that permanent mark on your floor, ensuring it won’t fade away easily. But if you would like to keep your floor use options open, then semi-permanent floor tape is your best bet. Gym floor tape is great for those situations where you need to mark your floor temporarily for different events or projects. Either way, the Straight Line 1000 will place your wood floor markings with precision and long-lasting results.  

3. Consider DIY vs. Professional Installation

Sure, you could dish out some cash to hire a contractor for wood floor marking, but why not save big bucks by doing it yourself? Get your hands on the Straight Line 1000 floor marking machine, and you’ll see just how easy it is. You can absolutely crush the do-it-yourself challenge or even enlist the assistance of your in-house personnel to apply gym floor tape. Our ultimate sports package includes everything you need for precise basketball court floor markings and more. Your wallet will be grateful the very first time you pull out this bad boy. And the best part is that with every additional use, your savings will keep growing. Embrace the do-it-yourself spirit and begin marking those wood floors with confidence!

Benefits of Gym Line Tape Machine

You will love the financial benefits of using our gym floor tape machine for wood floor marking

You can save money by not hiring an expensive outside contractor. These guys charge around $30 per hour (and that’s not counting the extra fees they tack on!)

With the Straight Line 1000, you’ll see a return on your investment once you apply 5,000 linear yards of gym floor tape. That equates to 13,425 linear feet of gym floor tape! Once you’ve reached that point, this fantastic machine will have paid for itself. Only the cost of the supplies will be needed for future wood floor marking projects. The Straight Line 1000 court line tape machine is a cost-effective solution that produces professional, long-lasting results you will be proud of.

4. Plan a Time to Start the Gym Floor Line Marking Process

Now that you’ve decided to give the wood floor a new look with some snazzy gym floor markings, let’s talk about scheduling. Whether you’re painting those lines or using gym floor tape, it’s important to schedule and plan for the installation time. This is especially important if your gym business is already up and running and you want to avoid any disruptions. You’ll need to grab your calendar and block off some time for this wood floor marking project.  

5. Get Ready to Love Your Gym Floors!

Are you tired of spending hours taping gym floors? Well, get ready to fall in love with our gym floor tape machine! The straight line 1000 works like a charm for all your wood floor marking projects, including basketball courts. This amazing tape machine will save you time, money, and labor. Forget about the hassle of manual taping; our tape machine gets the job done effortlessly. Don’t forget to check out our products page (here) for all the floor-taping accessories that make wood floor marking a breeze. From volleyball courts to pickleball and even basketball courts, our accessories have got you covered. So why wait? Make your gym floors look brand new with our exceptional tape machine and accessories! Contact us here