Everything You Need to Know About OSHA Aisle Marking Requirements

Whether there is high or low traffic, aisles serve a much greater purpose than just being a walking path. Aisles direct traffic for efficient flow to create order. When clearly marked, they improve business and warehouse aisle safety by keeping people out of harm’s way. Finally, they identify the directional flow and important safety routes in the event of a catastrophe. In a nutshell, they’re all about improving efficiency for greater productivity and keeping everyone safe.

The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) has established the necessary OSHA aisle marking requirements to create safer workplaces to protect both employees and customers. Floor tape tools help businesses and warehouses mark the proper aisle lines to comply with OSHA aisle width requirements and other aisle safety requirements. When done correctly, floor marking using a floor tape machine clearly and accurately will outline where to paint aisle marking lines. Painting aisle lines using the Precision Floor Marking Straight Line 1000 will help you get the job done cleaner, more simply, and far more quickly so you can focus on business productivity and worry less about safety as you know all requirements have been met.

What Are the Necessary Aisle Marking Requirements?

The laws and regulations set by OSHA are in place to keep workers and other people safe in the workplace. Compliance with OSHA standards related to osha aisle marking requirements is critical for safer operations and also to ensure you avoid fines and penalties. Flooring marking performed using a precise floor tape machine will clearly outline the aisle’s boundaries and ensure clear identification of vital safety escape routes.

#1. Aisle Lines Must Be Clean and Clear

According to OSHA requirements, all aisles and passageways are to be kept clear, in good repair, identify safe clearances for employees and mechanical equipment, and contain no obstructions that could create a dangerous risk. Prevention is key for maximum safety! Keep all aisles clear of materials and equipment. Repair any loose boards and watch for dangers such as loose nails, splinter, or holes. For the best safety practices, floor marking lines lets employees and people know clearly where the aisle is so equipment, materials, and debris can be kept off the path.

#2. Industrial Aisle Marking

Industrial aisles are required to be at least 4 feet wide and also 3 feet wider than the largest machinery that would be passing through on it. OSHA recommends that permanent passageways and aisles in industrial settings be identified with permanent aisle marking. The floor marking lines must be clearly visible and be between 2 and 6 inches in width. While OSHA does not require specific colors for walking and industrial operations, they do require red floor marking to be used to identify fire safety equipment or to identify hazardous areas and yellow floor marking lines indicate caution. OSHA does strongly suggest keeping colors and their purposes consistent throughout the facility. Proper floor marking using industrial floor tape greatly improves warehouse aisle safety.

#3. Rails and Covers

OSHA requires guardrails to be installed around and near ditches, tanks, pits, vats, and other comparable hazardous equipment and situations. This, therefore, would include aisles.

#4. Grocery Store Warehouse Aisle Marking Requirements

Grocery warehouse aisles need to be wide enough for employees to safely maneuver grocery items on palettes or in boxes to the shelves where they are to be placed. If aisles are too narrow, they can cause congestion and impede the employee from being able to efficiently get the groceries to their proper location. This can lead to employees carrying heavy boxes to get items shelved and poses accident and health risks to the employees. OSHA recommends that aisles in highly trafficked areas be marked extra wide.

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