The Straight Line 1000 uses standard 2-inch masking tape. We do recommend using professional painters tape for clean release and crisp edges on your newly painted lines. If your application calls for safety tape, 2 to 4-inch-wide safety tape can also be applied using the Straight Line 1000.

Orders are shipped from our facility within two business days. Standard shipping usually arrives with-in 3-5 business days. Overnight shipping is available for an additional charge.

The chalk line anchor makes it possible for one individual to attach and anchor the chalk line at the base of the machine, and then walk it to the desired end-point to snap the chalk line. There is no need for a partner to hold the chalk line in the appropriate spot.

The base model comes equipped with nearly all of the features discusssed in this site. The only available option for the machine is an extension that enables the application of 4 inch OSHA safety tape. This extension costs $50 and can be selected at the main order page.

Weight: 40 lbs, 6 oz Height: 28 inches Width: 10 inches Length: 19 feet 3/4 inches Wheelbase: 13 3/8 inches Capacity: 540 linear feet per tape load Materials: nickel plated heavy gauge steel.