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Straight Line 1000 FAQs

The Straight Line 1000 uses standard 2-inch masking tape. We do recommend using professional painters’ tape for a clean release and crisp edges on your newly painted lines. If your application calls for safety tape, 2 to 4-inch-wide safety tape can also be applied using the Straight Line 1000.

The chalk line anchor makes it possible for one individual to attach and anchor the chalk line at the base of the machine, and then walk it to the desired end-point to snap the chalk line. There is no need for a partner to hold the chalk line in the appropriate spot.

The base model comes equipped with nearly all of the features discussed in this site. The only available option for the machine is an extension that enables the application of 4-inch OSHA safety tape. This extension costs $50 and can be selected at the main order page.

Weight: 40 lbs., 6 oz Height: 28 inches Width: 10 inches Length: 19 feet 3/4 inches Wheelbase: 13 3/8 inches Capacity: 540 linear feet per tape load Materials: nickel plated heavy gauge steel.

Absolutely! This advanced machine saves significant time by eliminating manual measurements and ensuring even and precise lines. To further enhance the functionality of the Straight Line 1000, Precision Floor Marking offers convenient packages such as the Goal Centering Device and the Ultimate Sports Package. By using the Straight Line 1000 and its accompanying packages, you can save time and achieve precise results.

The Straight Line 1000 is an essential tool for 5S Supplies, as it supports workspace organization and efficiency. Precision Floor Marking recognizes its importance and offers this tool to enhance workplace organization and safety. With the Straight Line 1000, you can easily mark designated areas, safety boundaries, and visual cues, which significantly improves workflow and helps maintain a clean and efficient workspace. For more information on the best tools for warehouse floor marking, check out our blog post titled “The Best Tools for Warehouse Floor Marking” [https://www.precisionfloormarking.com/the-best-tools-for-warehouse-floor-marking/]. It provides valuable insights and recommendations, including the Straight Line 1000, to support your 5S initiatives and improve overall efficiency in your workspace.

Floor Marking FAQs

Not only is the Straight Line 1000 worth the investment right out of the box, but Precision Floor Marking offers two added packages to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the Straight Line 1000: The Sports 360 attachment and the Goal Centering device.

The Sports 360 attachment is designed specifically for basketball courts, providing accurate lines with its rotating head. It effortlessly marks the baseline, sidelines, free throw line, three-point line, and more. Adjust the width to meet the regulation size.

The Goal Centering device ensures proper alignment of the hoop, enhancing the shooting experience. With Precision Floor Marking’s innovative tools, you can mark basketball courts with professional-grade precision and efficiency.

Precision Floor Marking recommends using the Straight Line 1000 for marking warehouse floor safety lines. This efficient and reliable tool is designed specifically for industrial environments and built for durability and precision. The Straight Line 1000 allows you to achieve straight lines efficiently with durable tape, enhancing safety and organization. By utilizing this tool, you can mark safety lines for pedestrian walkways, forklift lanes, and restricted areas, promoting a safer work environment and improving operational efficiency.

At Precision Floor Marking, we prioritize compliance with OSHA standards for floor marking to ensure workplace safety and accident prevention. We have created a detailed blog post that covers topics such as color standards, line width requirements, sign specifications, and more. Visit our blog post titled “A Complete OSHA Floor Marking Guide for valuable insights and recommendations to help you maintain a safe and compliant workspace.

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