Floor Marking Tape – Floor Tape Designing, The New Era

The new era of industrial floor tape design brings visual communication to the workplace like never before. Using caution floor tape is not the only means of floor marking communication. Warehouse floor tape is used to organize direct individuals to where they can and cannot go, and forklift operators to the correct areas. Visual floor marking in a factory, industrial building or a warehouse will bring clarification to all types of communication the workplace.

Industrial Floor Marking Tape

Industrial floor marking tape has more applications for visual communication in the workplace than you may realize. We’ve listed a few of the many ways your organization might use floor marking in your facility.

Hazard Identification

Using the standard black and yellow striped floor tape to mark floors is universally known to communicate hazard zones. When hazardous areas are clearly defined with industrial floor marking tape, you will be preventing injuries, accidents, and lost time in the workplace.

Outlining Product and Storage Areas with Floor Tape

Organize your facility by outlining areas with industrial floor tape to clearly communicate the designated location for tools, equipment, products and trash receptacles. Doing so will increase your company’s productivity when all tools and supplies are in their proper place easily.

Walking Paths for Pedestrians

No one wants to be nearly run over by a forklift. Provide safe walking paths clearly marked with warehouse floor tape for pedestrians. When you are in charge provide safe, efficient traffic control.

Emergency Guidance

In case of an emergency, glow-in-the dark or reflective industrial floor tape will swiftly guide people out to the nearest exit routes. Floor tape markings are very helpful for quickly locating things like safety equipment, first aid stations, fire extinguishers electrical panels. Safety floor markings will identify spots on the floor that could cause a trip or fall or alert people to watch their step.

Floor Marking Tape Designs

There are many floor marking tape designs available for clear communication. Stripes on floor tape, typically yellow and black, will designate hazard zones. Arrows on floor tape communicate clear directions for traffic. “Do Not Block” floor marking designs will keep your facility running smoothly.

Colors for Floor Markings Tapes

You will find a wide variety of colors when shopping for industrial floor marking tape. We recommend keeping your color choices simple and using color consistency for clear communication. The color itself will convey a message, and the purpose of each color should be recorded for easy reference.

While there are no hard/fast rules concerning what the meaning of each color should represent, the following color standards are offered by OSHA and ANSI. Following these standards will keep consistency simple with visual floor marking communication:

  • Yellow = Warnings and designated aisles
  • White = Tape storage for equipment and supplies
  • Red = Fire hazards and equipment
  • Striped = Safety zones

Floor Marking Shapes

Quite a few floor making shapes are available. Footprints made from floor tape clearly mark pathways for pedestrians. shapes will point the way. Corner shapes can define parameters. “T” shapes can indicate intersections. Cross shapes will mark the spot. You can even find letter and number shapes of floor tape.

Floor Marking Issues to Avoid

Floor markings in a factory, industrial building or in a warehouse are straightforward and effective ways to communicate in the workplace. Floor markings make it easy to follow compliance rules and will improve safety and efficiency in your facility. Avoid the overuse of floor marking shapes to keep messages simple and clear. Be consistent with color standards’, following the OSHA color code standards is highly recommended. A free OSHA floor marking guide is available as a download on the internet. Avoid jumping into floor marking projects without the proper training.

To be successful with your floor marking project, first make a plan for the entire facility. Acquire the necessary floor marking tools and supplies to complete the job. The best floor marking tool on the market is the Straight Line 1000 from Precision Floor Marking. The Straight Line 1000 makes easy work out of an otherwise labor intensive floor marking project because of its intelligent design. Training manuals and videos will come with your Straight Line 1000 floor taping machine. Companies who own the Straight Line 1000 floor tape machine save money because less “in house” man hours will be necessary to complete the floor marking job and you will avoid paying expensive contractors to do the job for you.

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