Get the Best Value Out of Floor Marking with Our Ultimate Sports Package

Floor marking for tennis courts, pickleball courts, or volleyball courts with professional results will require only a straight line marking machine. Applying floor tape for basketball court markings, however, will present its own set of challenges. For basketball court markings, or other applications, you need a floor tape applicator capable of marking perfectly curved lines for arches and circles. Our Ultimate Sports Package comes with the best floor tape applicator and additional accessories to make all types of floor marking projects a success.

Products in Precision’s Ultimate Sports Package

Everything you need for applying basketball court tape is bundled together in our Ultimate Sports Package at a better price than when purchased separately. Products in Precision’s Ultimate Sports Package include a floor marking machine for basketball court tape, accessories to make perfectly curved lines and a Goal Centering Device for accurately marking basketball courts.

1. Straight Line 1000

The foundation of our Ultimate Sports Package is our award winning Straight Line 1000 floor marking machine. It is the best floor marking tape dispenser that applies two lines of standard masking tape simultaneously to the floor with ease from a standing position.

2. Precision line 360

The Precision Line 360 attachment for the basketball court tape machine will map out curves and circles in a jiffy. The Precision Line 360 brings the same reliability and efficiency to all floor marking projects with curves, including basketball courts, playgrounds or for marking off hazardous zones for industrial areas.

3. Goal Centering Device

Because the basketball goal determines the center of the basketball court, you’ll need our Goal Centering Device to accurately mark the parameters of the court. Our Goal Centering Device removes all guess work by simply placing it inside the basketball goal from which a plumb-bob drops down to mark the exact center of the goal on the floor.

Why Our Ultimate Sports Package is the Best Value of Floor Marking

To give you the best value for your floor marking projects, we have bundled our Ultimate Sports Package together for a savings of $190 over purchasing each separately.

Why not have everything you need for all floor marking projects-especially when you can save more with a packaged deal!  Everything in our Ultimate Sports Package is covered by our 100% LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE, ensuring years of quality floor marking use for all types of floors or courts.

Ultimate Versatility

The Sports 360 attachment offers the, allowing you to accurately mark curves and circles in addition to straight lines. Telescopic tubing is included in order to make curved floor markings to your exact needs.


The Straight Line 1000 floor marking machine, the Sports 360 attachment, and the Goal Centering Device from Precision Floor Marking Inc., are all built to last offering you years of reliable service. Our floor tape applicator is made of heavy-gage custom treated steel. Nickel plating protects our floor marking machine and attachments from corrosion.  The results of your floor marking projects will also endure the test of time when you use the floor marking tools included in our Ultimate Sports Package.

Experience Cost Savings

Our Ultimate Sports Package will save you money while enabling you to complete all types of floor marking projects with lasting results that will please. After the first 5,000 linear yards of using our floor tape applicator, the Straight Line 1000 will pay for itself. You will not need to hire contractors for your floor marking projects and will be saving on “in house” man hours when completing the task yourself because our system is so efficient. An investment in the Ultimate Sports Package will bring a great return.

Buy Ultimate Sports Package Today!

Why limit your floor marking abilities with a straight line marking machine only, when you can get additional attachments at a lower price to mark perfect arches and circles and expand the versatile uses of a floor tape applicator. Buy the Ultimate Sports Package today and save!