How Installing Floor Marking Tape Aides Warehouse Safety

Installing floor marking tape will organize warehouse floors, direct traffic effectively, and bring efficient organization that facilitates efficient work production. Warehouse safety, however, is the most important reason for warehouse floor line marking. OSHA warehouse floor markings guidelines have been established because of the need to provide a safe environment for workers. Warehouse floor marking guidelines clearly communicate where workers should and should not be when transporting items from one area to another. Our warehouse floor marking tape machine applies warehouse floor tape more efficiently than any other brands out there.  


Warehouse safety is a growing concern – why marking your warehouse is crucial for safety

Nonfatal occupational injuries cost the US economy over $4billion annually, 5% of warehouse workers suffer an injury each year and preventable workplace fatalities have climbed by 18% since 2009. Obviously, warehouse safety is a growing concern, thus OSHA warehouse floor marking guidelines have been established.   

Safety Benefits of Installing Floor Marking Tape in Your Warehouse

The safety benefits of installing warehouse floor markings  includes defining clear communication to your workers, increasing work efficiency, and preventing accidents in the workplace.

Delineate walkways for employees and clients, as well as lanes for transport vehicles and machinery.

Increase warehouse safety with clearly defined walkways apart from transport lanes for vehicles and machinery. No pedestrian wants to be rundown by a forklift. 

Mark hazardous areas, and assign areas for disposing hazardous waste

Any warehouse that deals with hazardous waste must follow disposal guidelines carefully to prevent health threats to the workplace environment. Maintain OSHA warehouse floor markings to stay compliant with regulations and protect your employees with clearly defined safety floor markings to direct them to the proper disposal areas.

Makes it easier for workers to move around facility

Industrial floor marking guidelines make it easier for workers to find their way around the facility. For example one color will lead to the main office and another color to the nearest exit. 

Mark breaks and snack areas

New employees and vendors will especially appreciate floor marking guides leading to break rooms and snack areas easily.    

Make sure you color code! 

Make sure you have a color code for warehouse floor markings to convey a recognizable message at a glance. Create a reference guide with easy access that defines the meaning of each color code.  Using the standard OSHA warehouse floor markings guide will bring consistency and ease of use for your facility.  

Yellow – Aisles and Hallways

Warehouse floor markings that follow OSHA guidelines will use yellow to mark aisles and hallways.

Green – location of safety equipment (fire extinguishers, eye wash stations etc.)

Every second counts during an emergency. At a moment’s glance, green warehouse line markings will guide responders to safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, eye wash stations, and first aid kits.  

Red – hazardous equipment or materials

The color red automatically brings the message of” STOP” to your mind and is the standard warehouse floor marking to convey where hazardous equipment or materials are kept. 

Red and white stripes – keep the area clear 

Red and white stripes are safety markings to tell employees to keep the area clear. 

Blue – area for equipment in need of repair

Designated storage areas for equipment that needs to be repaired are typically marked with blue warehouse floor markings. 

White – internal equipment (machines, benches, carts etc.)

White warehouse floor markings are used to keep internal equipment such as machines, benches, carts and other equipment together in the same area.  

Yellow and black stripes – hazardous electrical panels, and other area with hazards

Yellow and black typically means “heads up Jack”, you’re in an area that has hazardous electrical panels and such. 

White with black stripe – robotic passageway

White and black stripes are safety markings designated for robotic passageways. 

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