How Precision Floor Marking Tapes Can Help in Improving Safety

Proper Floor Marking  Improves Safety: Here’s How

Floor marking is used by companies in many industries, from schools and hospitals to warehouses and factories. It serves many functions, including providing directions for visitors, marking aisles and paths, and defining storage areas. In addition to its practical business applications, floor marking is also an important safety feature. Proper floor marking can identify hazardous areas and direct the flow of traffic to avoid accidents.

The two main ways to mark a floor are by painting lines or by using floor marking tapes. Many companies choose to use painted lines because they are long-lasting and cost-effective. The traditional process for painting floor marking lines is labor-intensive, and your maintenance team won’t enjoy working on their hands and knees. Using a floor taping applicator changes the game for the entire floor marking process. A floor taping machine uses two rolls of standard masking tape to simultaneously apply parallel borders quickly and easily from a standing position. You can adjust your line width to accurately produce standard line widths. After the tape is applied, you’ll use a roller to paint your lines, then remove the tape and admire your crisp, straight painted lines. It only requires one person to get the job done, and they can do it standing up—no more hands and knees! This helps prevent injuries to your maintenance team, avoiding expensive workers’ compensation claims.

Improving Safety the Easy Way with Precision Floor Marking Machines

A floor marking tape machine from Precision Floor Marking goes a long way toward increasing safety in your workspace. With bright, precise lines, employees and visitors will clearly understand where they’re going—and where they aren’t supposed to go! You can use color-coding to identify hazardous areas and avoid accidents with clearly marked directional lanes. Proper floor marking is also a key part of making sure you’re following OSHA’s requirements for workplace floors, which must be kept clean, safe, and accessible.

Increasing Traction in Wet Areas

In areas that are frequently wet, safety tape is a helpful option to increase traction. Anti-slip shop floor tape is also great for stairs, ramps, and other areas where falls are more frequent. In addition to painted lines, a Precision Floor Marking machine is a big help in applying precise safety tape.

Improved Visual Communication

Work areas don’t usually have people standing around to give directions or direct traffic. Proper floor marking can handle this job for you. Painted lines or floor marking tape can identify where inventory should be stored, define loading and unloading areas, direct the flow of traffic, and help visitors find their way around. And most importantly for safety, your floor lines can also keep people away from dangerous areas.

Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls with Clear Visual Cues

You can help avoid expensive workplace accidents by providing clear visual cues. Use caution floor markings to call attention to problem areas. Identify areas that might be slippery or where traffic is coming from another direction. And make sure it’s easy to see where stairs or ramps are located. Shop floor marking tape can make sure everyone sees a hazard before it becomes an accident or injury.

How to Shop from Precision Floor Marking

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