How the Straight Line 1000™ saves you money


The Straight Line 1000 is a convenient floor marking machine that also saves money. The task of marking floors with perfectly straight lines is difficult. Our Straight Line 1000 brings pleasure the arduous task of floor marking– so much so that you would happily spend more for the convenience alone. However, soon you will realize our Straight Line 1000 floor marking tape machine will quickly put money back in your pocket!   

Within 5,000 Linear Yards, Straight Line 1000 Pays for Itself! 

Yes, you heard that right. Within the first 5,000 linear yards of floor marking, the Straight Line 1000 will pay for itself! In no time at all, your investment in the Straight line 1000 floor tape applicator will bring a great return.  

The Straight Line 1000 pays for itself by reducing more than 66% of the cost involved for time and labor typically spent on traditional floor marking methods. After several uses, the savings will be significant.    

Straight Line 1000 Costs Less Per Foot than Traditional Floor Tap Applicators 

While using our floor line marking machine, you will be saving money with every easy step.

The average floor marking tape company charges $30 per hour for their services with other fees involved. Typically, the cost for traditional floor marking service is $93.46 for every 1000 linear feet of floor marking tape applied. Compare that with our floor tape applicator. The Straight Line 1000 will cost $26.67 for every 1000 linear feet. Wow!  You save $66.79 for every 1000 steps you take with our Straight Line 1000 floor line striping machine. 

The Straight Line 1000 floor marking tape machine delivers savings in several ways: 

  • It’s easy to use. Your in-house maintenance staff can use our gym floor marking tape machine with ease. There is no need to hire a contractor.  
  • Floor striping can now be completed by one person saving both time and money. With an exclusive chalk line pin, the Straight Line 1000 acts like an anchor while the chalk line is stretched, snapped, and retracted. Additionally, a long pointer makes following the chalk line easy. The wide base makes it easy to precisely apply the floor marking tape. It only takes one staff member to mark the chalk line and apply the floor marking tape.    
  • The Straight Line 1000 floor marking tape machine is built to last. It weighs nearly 40 pounds because it is constructed of heavy-gauge custom treated steel. Nickel plating protects this amazing floor taping machine from corrosion. The heavyweight combined with soft rubber wheels slaps the floor tape down efficiently. The LIFETIME limited warranty will give you these money-saving benefits for years to come.  

Succinctly put: The Straight Line 1000 pays for itself after 13,425 linear feet of floor tape is applied.

After your Straight Line 1000 has paid for itself, only the cost of supplies will be involved with floor taping projects. Now that’s a payback!  

Designed by People Just Like You to Save Time and Money on Floor Marking

The Straight Line 1000 was designed by people just like you.  A professional painting contractor designed this convenient floor tape applicator because of his “hands-on” experience marking floors with precise straight line floor tape. Hours of back-breaking work was a motivation behind this ingenious invention. With a mechanical mind and thoughtful intention to all the necessary details, this remarkable floor marking tape applicator was designed. Floor marking gets expensive in a hurry. The bottom line for the invention of the Straight Line 1000 was to SAVE you money.

Complete Accuracy on Straight Line Floor Tape

With complete accuracy, the Straight Line 1000 will apply floor marking tape with ease.  No longer will you strain your back to apply straight-line floor tape. The accuracy and ease of use delivered with this floor marking dispenser will increase your productivity. Fewer mistakes mean money saved.  

The Straight Line 1000 delivers durable industrial-grade floor marking.  When the floor marking lines become worn or faded over time, you will NEVER have to go back and remark them by hand with this long lasting machine. 

Invest in the Straight Line 1000 Today from Precision Floor Marking!

Take a close look at the Straight Line 1000. This amazing precision floor marking applicator truly delivers complete accuracy on straight line floor tape that is durable and increases your productivity. These promises are guaranteed. 

Work smarter, not harder, for tasks such as:

  • Floor Marking in Government Buildings 
  • Gym Floor Marking 
  • Hazardous and Restricted areas Marked off 
  • Industrial Floor Marking 
  • Marking floors for Hospitals 
  • Marking Play Grounds 
  • Warehouse Floor Marking 

The Straight Line 1000 is reliable for any floor marking task you are presented with. Make the investment in this floor marking tape applicator and in no time, it will pay for itself.