How to Install Floor Marking Tape with the Straight Line 1000

Working with the Straight Line 1000 floor tape applicator for the first time and experiencing its features and benefits will leave you saying: “Where has this dandy machine been all my life!”

You will be able to knock off this floor marking task single handedly in less time than it took a whole crew to do in the past. Laying down floor tape WAS a time consuming chore causing back and knee pain in the process. Now your company will save money on “in house” man hours as well as not having to contract out the floor tape task to another company. This floor marking tape machine is perfect for marking temporary or permanent floor tape lines.

Here’s a Few Effective Tips to Install Your Floor Marking Tape Easily

As with any task or project, preparation and technique will make all the difference for the process and the final results. The same is true of the Straight Line 1000 industrial floor tape machine. Now that you have the best floor tape machine to work with, the following tips will assist your floor marking process with results you will be proud of.

Clean the Floor and Allow it to Dry Fully Before Applying the Floor Marking Tape

Start with a clean floor that has been allowed to completely dry before applying floor tape. The floor tape will likely still stick to a dirty floor if you are slap happy and want to skip a step, but since you are at it, you might as well do it right. The floor tape will lay down smoothly with better adhesion on a clean, dry floor.

Consider Using Chalk to Place Guidelines Before Applying Industrial Floor Marking Tape

Plan your work and work your plan. Before applying industrial floor marking tape, map out your guidelines with the handy chalk line pin attached to the Straight Line 1000 floor marking applicator. You will find this pin about an inch above the right, rear wheel of the floor tape machine. Attach a chalk line to the pin. Run the chalk line under the right-rear wheel and wrap it 1-2 times around the wheel, then continue to run the line under the right-front wheel. Lining up the chalk line in this manner will anchor the chalk line firmly so accurate guidelines will be produced. Now stretch the chalk line to meet the end marking spot. Pull the chalk line out straight and tight while holding it down firmly to the floor. Snap the chalk line and your floor tape guidelines will be perfectly marked.

Use Precision’s Straight Line 1000 for Accurate Floor Marking Tape Installation

A clean floor perfectly marked with chalk guidelines mapping out your floor tape plan will be properly prepped for the taping procedure.

The Straight Line 1000 floor tape applicator is equipped with a pointer and you should set it at its lowest position. Place the floor tape applicator directly above the chalk line. If you can, start taping two or three feet away from your designated starting point. That way, you will be able to prove you have the floor tape applicator in the correct position. If it’s a little off, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments before marking the actual floor tape lines with accuracy.

There are three rolls of tape on each side of the floor tape applicator. Use the top floor tape roll first. Pull the end of the floor tape forward over the tape guide at the front of the floor tape applicator. Stick two to three inches of floor tape securely to the floor and directly in front of the wheel. Repeat this process on the other side.

Now you are good to go. Using both hands for maximum control, grab the handles and push the floor tape applicator forward. Carefully keep the pointer directly over the chalk guidelines as you move forward and apply the floor tape.

Periodically (say after applying four or five feet of floor tape) stop and check the width and the positioning of the floor tape. It may be necessary to make minor adjustments to keep your floor tape lines perfect. Checking the floor tape positioning as you work forward will save time if corrections are needed.

Floor Marking Maintenance is VERY Important

Floor marking maintenance is especially important when you are using floor tape as a guide for paint lines. Floor tape can be removed-paint not so much. Starting with a clean floor, clearly marked chalk lines, properly setting up the floor tape applicator and following the tips mentioned here will produce professional results. The features of the straight Line 1000 floor tape applicator will take the stress out of floor marking and give you success.

Increase Productivity and Accuracy On All Your Floor Marking Jobs with the Straight Line 1000

The Straight Line 1000 floor tape applicator will accurately take care of any floor marking task you may have in record time. The Straight Line 1000 is engineered for a one man operation without strenuous work. Start using this sweet floor tape marking machine today and save big labor costs with increased productivity.