How to Quickly Apply Gym Floor Lines

Using the correct equipment and process, you can quickly apply gym floor tape lines with the Straight Line 1000™ gym floor tape machine from Precision Floor Marking. To get started, you must properly prepare the floor for best results.  Many times the surface of the floor should be abraded with a buffer for good adhesion.  

Tack the Entire Floor

It is necessary to remove all dirt, dust and particles from the floor before painting gym floor lines.  

The best way to prepare your gym floor is to tack the floor with a damp terry towel to remove all dirt and sand left behind during the sanding process.  

Tape Your Lines With the Straight Line 1000™

Accomplish your gym floor striping job quickly with the Straight Line 1000™ gym floor tape machine that will simultaneously apply two parallel lines of masking tape to precisely mark your gym floor lines. Our gym floor tape machine allows you to quickly adjust the line width from 1 inch to 8 inches. A chalk line snap is conveniently attached to the Straight Line 1000™, to use for an accurate guide line when taping your gym floor. The following process will get those gym floor markings done in record time: 

  1. Load the machine with 6 rolls of standard masking tape. 
  1. Attach chalk line on the anchor point of the gym floor tape machine. 
  1. Run the chalk line underneath the front and right back side wheels and line it up.
  1. Walk off the length of line you need and snap the chalk line.
  1. Begin the taping process by starting a couple of feet behind where you want the line to start to allow for adjustment time.  
  1. Check the line widths every 2 to 3 feet to double check for accuracy. 
  1. Align the built-in pointer with the chalk line and apply the gym floor tape.  

Paint Your Lines

The Straight Line 1000™ gym floor tape machine, will apply even pressure to the tape during the masking process preventing your paint from bleeding through. Begin painting your gym floor lines with a top quality floor paint suited well for your needs. Also use quality brushes and rollers with your high quality paint. Follow the masking tape guide lines while being careful to stay within the lines set and covering the outlined area well.  Allow the fresh paint to dry and cure before removing the tape. Follow the instructions for marking your gym floor tape and you will achieve crisp perfect lines for your gym floor when the tape has been removed.  

Decide Whether to Abrade or Not

During the process of preparing your gym floor for new paint lines, you will need to evaluate whether or not you should abrade the surface of the floor. Abrading the floor is necessary when using paint, and for best results, the floor should be buffered in between coats of paint for good adhesion. Abrading is not necessary when using stain. If you are mixing stain and paint together you may not have to abrade. Using 2 ounces of paint per quart of stain does not require abrading as the mixture is mostly stain. Using a mixture of more than 2 ounces of paint per quart of stain involves abrading after application.     

Tack the Floor Between Coats

Abrading between coats of paint will cause more dust, so always tack the floor again to remove all dust particles before applying the next coat.  

Allow the Paint to Cure

It is important to allow your paint to dry and cure after you are done painting your gym floor lines. Your paint manufacturer provides specific instructions to be followed for lasting results.  

Remember to Work Diligently, But Also With Patience

With diligence and patience you will achieve the beautiful gym floor, with the perfect gym floor lines, you are looking for. Do not rush the process as allowing ample drying time is vital for beautiful lasting results.  With the Straight Line 1000™ gym floor tape machine you will increase productivity with durable, crisp and perfect gym floor lines every time you use it.