Precision Floor Marking is revolutionizing the floor marking industry with the Straight Line 1000™

  • Increase Worker Productivity and Reduce Labor Costs by up to 500%
  • Increase Accuracy and Durability of floor markings
  • Allows more striping options for specific types of surfaces
  • More versatility for lines 1 to 8 inches
  • Increase safety for workers and drivers by properly marking restricted areas, speed zones and hazard areas throughout entire facilities
  • Reduce workers compensation claims and OSHA fines

How The Straight Line 1000™ Makes Sense for You

The Straight Line 1000™ uses two rolls of standard masking tape to simultaneously apply parallel borders quickly and easily from a standing position.

Line width can be adjusted anywhere from 1 inch to 8 inches to accurately produce standard line widths.

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This industrial tool is made of heavy 3 gauge and 7 gauge steel.  The wide wheel base and soft rubber wheels assure even pressure to the tape for excellent adhesion on a variety of surfaces to guarantee virtually NO bleed-through and easy removal of the tape after painting.

The Straight Line 1000™ is designed to be used by ONE person without strenuous work on the knees. This adds additional value by reducing workers compensation claims and increasing worker safety.

After accurately masking the proper aisle width, a single person is able to quickly, easily and accurately use a standard 4-inch paint roller to create clear, crisp and durable aisle markings for fork lift lanes, convention center pathways and hospital aisles.

The Straight Line 1000™ also can be used to apply vinyl safety tape if temporary striping is required in your facility.

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Why The Straight Line 1000™?

Each piece of the Straight Line 1000™ was custom designed to increase accuracy and productivity while reducing labor costs and injury claims arising from the repetitive task of striping warehouse floors.

The Straight Line 1000™ is equally efficient for marking convention center floors, hospital aisles and school hallways or gymnasiums.

Our PAYBACK section details the cost savings and return on investment (ROI) realized when using the Straight Line 1000™

Features and Benefits

The Straight Line 1000 saves time and money – striping now can be completed by one person in considerably less

The Straight Line 1000 gives in-house staff the ability to create crisp, precise, durable aisle markings and eliminates the need for expensive contractors.

The Straight Line 1000 allows you to paint the masked line using a roller, which eliminates overspray and allows you to use the paint best suited for your specific flooring surface .

The unique chalk line pin allows the Straight Line 1000 to act as an anchor hile a chalk line is stretched, snapped and retracted – by ONE person.

The Straight Line 1000 holds six, strategically placed rolls of tape – three on each side – allowing 540 feet of continuous taping.

The side-plates adjust within seconds to mask precise stripes at any predetermined measurement — from two to eight inches in width.

With one simple adjustment, the Straight Line 1000 also can apply temporary four-inch safety tape with the same ease and time-saving features.

The Straight Line 1000 is constructed of heavy-gauge, custom treated steel.

The protective nickel plating resists rust and corrosion to ensure years of reliable use.

The Straight Line 1000 weighs nearly 40 pounds — this added weight helps ensure tape adhesion on a variety of surfaces, while the soft rubber wheels further enhance tape adhesion to most any surface.

The long pointer makes it easy to follow your chalk line, while the wide wheels and long wheel base make the Straight Line 1000 effortless for any user to guide quickly and accurately to create perfect lines every time.

A LIFETIME limited warranty on the Straight Line 1000 gives you all of the above mentioned benefits and savings for many years to come.