The Best Floor Tape Applicator

A new floor marking applicator tool has replaced the labor-intensive, back-breaking methods of the past. We’re about to explain why the Straight Line 1000 Floor Marking Tape Applicator Tool is vital to any company or worker that needs floor markings for their business.

Why Do You Need Floor Tape Applicators?

OSHA implemented floor marking requirements for warehouses and other facilities due to the unlimited potential dangers possible when operating forklifts, warehouse equipment or any hazardous area. OSHA’s goal was a reduction in the number of accidents in the workplace.  Your warehouse needs to be compliant with OSHA’s floor markings safety standards and regulations or face violations with steep fines.  One of their top regulations is stated as “apply to marking permanent aisles and traffic ways”. 

Floor marking tape is safety tape that is used to mark the width of the floor areas and permanent aisles and traffic ways in large warehouses, hospitals, schools and manufacturing facilities.  Floor marking tape is also used to block off caution areas.  

This helps make the workplace visible to everyone and ensures the company is compliant with OSHA standards.  

How Are Floor Marking Applicators Used 

Safety tape comes in several colors which can be useful when directing traffic or identifying dangerous areas.  Floor markings can also highlight emergency exits and emergency routes to help emergency responders identify potential hazards in the aisle so they can quickly access the things that are needed.

Floor marking shapes can provide instruction; give warning, notify workers that pedestrians are in the area or to guide you on which direction to take. 

For decades floor marking tape was made out of vinyl which was quickly torn up by fork lifts and typical wear and tear.  Sometimes the floor marking lines were painted which gave it a longer shelf life than vinyl tape, but creating painted straight line markings took two people doing back-breaking tedious work that came with a high price tag. 

A better method was needed that reduced labor time and cost and produce a longer lasting floor line.  The owners of Precision Floor Marking rose to the occasion with the creation of the Straight Line 1000 Floor Marking Tape Applicator Tool.

Why the Straight Line 1000 Floor Marking Tape Applicator is Superior

Precision Floor Marking designed the Straight Line 1000 Floor Marking Tape Applicator Tool to adhere to OSHA-mandated floor marketing requirements but also to help companies save labor time, costs and even back aches.

What is so special about the Straight Line 1000 Floor Marking Tape Applicator Tool?

  • Our floor tape marking machine applies two parallel floor lines simultaneously with ease 
  • The Precision Floor Marking floor tape applicator allows one person to complete the lines quickly while standing rather than two workers using traditional taping methods
  • The line striping machine features a precision-integrated chalk line stud and pointer that delivers superior, precise OSHA-mandated safety lanes with greater accuracy and efficiency
  • The Straight Line 1000 Floor tape applicator has an adjustable width allows lines from 2 to 8 inches. Optional 4-inch guide follows application of safety tape
  • The unique chalk line pin acts as an anchor while chalk line is stretched, snapped and retracted 
  • Our floor tape applicator holds six, strategically placed rolls of tape, three on each side, allowing 540 feet of continuous taping
  • The Straight Line 1000 floor marking tape applicator weighs nearly 40 pounds – this added weight help ensure tape adhesion on a variety of surfaces, while the soft rubber wheels further enhance tape adhesion to most any surface
  • Our Floor marking machine creates perfect 2’ to 24’ radius circles
  • The Straight Line 1000 Line marking machine masks floor line widths ranging from 5/8” to 8” lines
  • Our easy stand–up application prevents bending over
  • The Precision Line 1000 line striping machine enables precise durable striping
  • The offset pointer is included allows you to touch up existing aisle-marking lines in one simple step
  • Owning your own floor marking tape applicator allows you to make your own floor marking changes as needed
  • Our line marking machine includes a lifetime warranty 

Straight Line 1000 is the perfect floor tape applicator for 

  • Painting Contractors
  • Manufacturers
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Convention Centers
  • Schools and Universities
  • Basketball Courts
  • Parking Lots
  • Cold Storage Areas
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming Pools
  • Theatres 
  • And More!

By using Straight Line 1000 Floor Marking Tape Applicator Tool to create floor markings to OSHA guidelines, you can reduce your labor costs and increase your durability and accuracy on all your floor marking jobs.