5S Supplies: The BEST Tools For Warehouse Floor Marking

Think of 5S supplies as a complete set of tools for warehouse floor marking. Start with the essential Straight Line 1000 tool that makes the task of warehouse floor marking a breeze. Floor marking on warehouse floors brings organization, productivity, and safety to the workplace. When workers and visitors know where to put supplies and where to safely walk, the efficiency of the workplace will dramatically improve. The Straight Line 1000 machine applies durable lines for navigation and storage areas that will facilitate safety. The Straight Line 1000 makes it simple to install warehouse floor markings.

The Ultimate 5s Supply Tool for Safety – The Straight Line 1000

The ultimate 5S supply tools for warehouse floor marking are vitally important for safety in the workplace. Clearly defined floor marking lines will keep pedestrians out of forklift lanes and vice versa. Well-marked areas for hazardous waste disposal are essential for safety. Warehouse floor marking lines will identify equipment and storage areas, making it easier for employees to move around and complete their tasks. The Straight Line 1000 machine with her trusty accessories is the most efficient way to install warehouse floor markings and will keep you in compliance with OSHA standards.


How it Works – And How It Makes Warehouse Floor Marking a Breeze

The best floor marking hack is to use the Straight Line 1000 along with the available attachments for the 5S supplies needed for a smooth and precise operation. The results will be a durable warehouse floor marking project you will be proud of.

Straight Line 1000

best floor tape applictors

The Straight Line 1000 warehouse floor marking machine applies two lines of floor tape simultaneously to the floor. A chalk line is attached for an easy “one man” operation to quickly snap chalk lines on the floor before laying down the tape lines. Making warehouse floor markings has never been easier. Simply push from behind while following the guidelines and the Straight Line 1000 will apply tape tightly to the floor. Because the Straight Line 1000 is made of heavy steel, the weight securely applies floor tape with wide rubber wheels. The Straight Line 1000 is equipped for any floor marking project and is strongly built to last. After applying 5,000 feet of warehouse floor marking tape, this beauty will pay for itself.

Offset Pointer

The Straight Line 1000 is equipped with a long pointer that makes it easy to follow chalk line markings. Touching up existing warehouse floor marking lines is simple with the offset pointer (included at no additional cost).

Precision Line 360

Precision Line 360™ - Floor Marking Tool

When you need a perfect circle or arc tapped off on the floor, the Precision Line 360 attachment will make it happen. The telescoping tubing allows you to make the adjustments you need to meet your exact measurements. Warehouse floor markings with perfect circles or arcs will make you look like a pro; no one needs to know how easy it was to produce.

1 Inch & 4 Inch Tape Guide

There’s no need to limit your warehouse floor markings to the standard 2” width. The 1-inch and 4-inch tape guides will allow you to mark from the smallest tape available to the largest. Gain the flexibility your

floor marking project needs and make your work easier with the 1 and 4-inch tape guides for the Straight Line 1000 warehouse floor marking machine.

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The Straight Line 1000 warehouse floor marking machine, complete with accompanying attachments, will give you the flexibility to take on any floor marking project. Check out our full line of products here. With efficiency and accuracy, the 5S supplies of the Straight Line 1000 will quickly produce durable warehouse floor markings for your workplace.

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