The Best Way to Create Your Tennis Court with Floor Marking Tape

Never again worry about perfecting your tennis court markings with floor taping. We know that it is important for you to have the most precise lines to keep athletes in proper places and spectators away from dangerous areas. Court markings also give directions. In Tennis, they set boundaries for where the ball can or cannot land. So, when you set up your tennis court, you will want to consider those boundaries.

Tennis courts can be constructed in a variety of ways. If you are painting, you will want to use tape to guide your lines before applying paint. If you are looking to apply a more permanent tennis court marking tape, you will want to ensure the lines are correct the first time to not waste resources. No matter the reason, floor marking tape is affordable and easy to apply. Especially if you have the right tools.

Picking Out The Right Floor Taping Machine For Your Court

Marking tennis court lines can be exhausting, mainly if you apply the tape by hand. Due to natural human error, getting even and precise lines also takes a long time. A taping machine will eliminate misaligned courts and long, fruitless nights spent trying to get your lines straight.

With the Straight Line 1000™, you can speed up the process of creating quality paint lines at a fraction of the cost.

Use Precision’s court line tape machine to:
● Paint precise and straight sports lines by applying floor tape parallel to each other.
● Mark sports floors with permanent adhesive tape.
● Avoid hiring a contractor and save money.
● Accomplish a two-person job with one!
The Straight Line 1000™ is ideal for gym paint masking and floor stenciling projects.
● We proudly build our machines in the USA with quality and durability in mind.
● Our machines come with a lifetime warranty.
● We sell and ship our machines all across the globe.

Using A Floor Marking Machine To Create Your Court

Once you have your tape machine, it’s time to begin creating your tennis court markings. These steps may look different depending on if you are painting or applying a permanent adhesive to the floor.

If you already know your method, find your plan below and follow the steps. If not, read both and
decide which works better for you.

Painting Your Court – A Permanent Solution

The floor must be clean to create the strongest bond between the floor and the paint. Sweep and remove debris from previous floor markings, including paint pieces and adhesive residue. Ensure the court is completely dry before applying the tape.

Use the Straight Line 1000™ to lay the floor painting tape in two parallel lines. Begin by setting the width of the legs and attaching the painter’s tape to the machine. Then prep your chalk line. The chalk line will ensure you achieve the cleanest lines. Test the tape machine two to three feet to check the precision. This phase is when you will make any necessary adjustments. Finish the taping process.

Once complete, you can paint between the tapes with the right product and method depending on the surface type, such as asphalt, concrete, gym, etc. When the paint is dry, just remove the tape.

And you thought painting your tennis court markings was tedious!

Taping Your Court – With Permanent Adhesive

Like painting, tape requires a clean surface to ensure a strong bond. Sweep and clean the floor to ensure there is no leftover residue from previously applied markings. Once the surface is dry, you can begin using the tape.

Our Straight Line 1000™ will make this process very simple. As a first step, you will need to prepare the machine with heavy-duty court tape. Next, set up the chalk line to get clean lines. Try the court line tape machine two to three feet to ensure precision and detect if you need to make any adjustments.

When you’ve finished taping, your job is complete! It really is that simple! Compared to painting, this process removes an entire step and is perfect for indoor floor types. However, the tape will quickly wear and tear on outdoor surfaces where rain and moisture affect the adhesive.

Creating A Temporary Sport Court

If you have a multi-purpose space, removable floor marking tape is a flexible and convenient way to change it quickly and efficiently.

Turn your gym floor into a pickleball court with pickleball court tape. Then remove the temporary pickleball lines and revert to a tennis court. Or swiftly move into a volleyball court and return to a tennis court at a different time—your choice.

Precision’s Straight Line 1000™ will be an asset for any community center, school, or gymnasium. This device will allow precision on any surface and requires less effort than manually trying to section an area. The removable feature of floor taping is excellent for changing drills and training on the court.

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