The Best Way to Mark Aisles Quickly & Efficiently

The difficult task of floor marking is made simple when you have the right tool for the job. The Straight Line 1000 is the perfect floor marking tool. This little beauty eliminates back pain caused by bending over to apply aisle marking tape to the floor. While standing up, the Straight Line 1000 allows you to apply two parallel lines quickly and precisely making it the perfect aisle marking tape applicator to use. When you have the Straight Line 1000 to assist you with floor marking, what was once a dreaded task may actually be fun!

Our Straight Line 1000 is Easy to Use with Aisle Marking Tapes

You will love how easy it is to use the Straight Line 1000 to apply aisle and floor marking tapes. You can adjust the line width anywhere from 1 to 8 inches. This floor marking tool will perfectly lay down two lines of floor tape simultaneously.

An Excellent Aisle Tape Applicator for the Floors of Your Facility

The Straight Line 1000 is a great aisle marking tape applicator because it is made of heavy 3 and 7 gage steel and weighs almost 40 pounds. The weight combined with the wide wheel base and soft rubber wheels applies the floor tape with a firm even pressure producing excellent floor tape adhesion to many different types of floors. While applying floor tape with this aisle marking tape applicator, you will appreciate how firmly and smoothly the Straight Line 1000 applies floor tape and your confidence with this floor tape applicator will grow.

You will also appreciate not having to interrupt the floor marking process to reload floor tape often. The Straight Line 1000 holds three rolls of tape on each side so you will have 540 feet of continuous floor taping.

Marking Aisles Has Never Been Easier

Marking guidelines for aisle marking paint has never been easier. The Straight Line 1000 floor tape marking tool itself is used as an anchor for an attached chalk line pin that can be stretched, snapped and retracted single handedly.

Once you have snapped the chalk line, a long pointer makes it easy to follow your guide lines as it applies the floor tape. For no additional charge, an offset pointer is also included that allows you to touch up existing aisle marking lines very easily. Now that the aisle marking tape is down, it will be easy to use a paint roller to mark perfect lines using the best type of paint suited for the floor type.

Perfect for Planning Out Your Aisle Floor Paint

Aisle marking tape is perfect for mapping out the plan for walkways, signs, symbols, or messages you need to mark before applying permanent aisle marking paint. It’s like measuring twice and cutting once. If you decide the mapped out tape lines are not exactly right, you can easily change the tape lines before using permanent aisle marking paint. You can also use a quality floor tape instead of aisle marking paint for situations when the floor lines could change.

Using Aisle Marking Tape to Meet Standards and Regulations

If you own a warehouse, keeping employees safe while on the job is a must. Compliance standards are established by OSHA to make sure employees are safe in the workplace. You could contract out the work for aisle marking paint lines but it will cost you. Instead, invest in the Straight Line 1000 floor marking machine and one of your own employees can handle the task. This industrial aisle marking tape applicator will make the process of marking the required safety lines stress-free as you meet the standards and regulations required for your facility.

Learn More about the Straight Line 1000 from Precision Floor Marking Inc

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