The Straight Line 1000: A Perfect Fit for Every Floor Marking Project

Are you responsible for a floor marking project for your company, warehouse, school, or sports organization? If we have a floor marking hack you must see! The Straight Line 1000 floor marking tape machine is a perfect fit for every floor marking project you may have. The precise and durable floor marking tape lines produced will make you proud to own the job. You don’t have to tell anyone how easy the floor marking tape machine was to use and how quickly you knocked off the task. In addition to producing precise floor marking lines, the Straight Line 1000 will save you money.  No longer will you have to outsource the floor marking task to another company and you will be saving “in-house” man hours to boot.

How Does Straight Line 1000 Work?

The Straight Line 1000 works by applying two lines of standard masking tape simultaneously on the floor two perfect parallel borders for paint guide lines quickly and easily. Floor marking border lines with masking tape has never been easier: simply push the Straight Line 1000 from a standing position to apply masking tape borderlines. Floor line widths can be adjusted from 1 inch to 8 inches. With the perfect masking tape borderlines in place, you can then use a paint roller to accurately apply the best type of paint suited for your floor’s needs.

Because the Straight Line 1000 is made of heavy steel and because of its wide wheel base with soft rubber wheels it assures an even pressure to the tape as it is applied to the floor. This floor marking tape machine creates a tight adhesion of masking tape on a variety of floor surfaces to guarantee virtually NO bleed-through yet is easy to remove after painting. use this floor tape applicator to apply vinyl tape securely to a floor when all you need is a temporary.

Why Use a Straight Line 1000 Over Any Other Applicator?

The right tool for the job will make an otherwise difficult task easy. No other floor taping machine will allow you to mark precise lines as quickly as the Straight Line 1000. The typical painful back bending work of floor marking is eliminated when using the Straight Line 1000 because it is operated from a standing position. The floor tape applicator itself applies the necessary pressure for secure floor marking tape adhesion.

You will appreciate not having to repeatedly reload the floor marking machine during the floor marking process. Each side of the Straight Line 1000 holds three rolls of tape, giving you 540 feet of continuous floor marking tape.

Obviously, someone well acquainted with the details of floor marking designed this floor line marking machine! Attached to the Straight Line 1000 is a chalk line pin that can be stretched, snapped and retracted single handedly making guideline markings for your floor tape a breeze. A long pointer attached makes it easy to follow the guidelines that were snapped with the chalk line as the floor tape applicator securely applies tape to the floor.

Straight Line 1000 is Fit for Any Project

The Straight Line 1000 is for any floor marking project. You can use this floor tape applicator to apply masking tape as borders for painting permanent floor markings, durable gym floor tape that can be used for a long time and then removed when needed, or for temporary floor tape lines that may be needed for warehouse floor marking. The Straight Line 1000 is an excellent floor marking machine for:

  • Basketball court markings
  • Gym floor tape markings
  • Outdoor athletic court markings
  • Warehouse floor marking
  • Industrial floor tape markings
  • Floor marking in factories
  • Floor marking in governmental buildings
  • Floor marking in manufacturing facilities

The Straight Line 1000 is truly fit for any project and is built to last. Weighing nearly 40 pounds, this floor tape applicator is made of heavy-gage steel with nickel plating that protects it from corrosion. The more you use this floor marking machine, the more you will save. When you own the Straight Line 1000, it will pay for itself after applying 5,000 linear feet of floor tape.

Straight Line 1000 Comes With Great Warranty Policy

Precision Floor Marking Inc. backs up the Straight Line 1000 floor marking machine with a 100% Limited Lifetime Guarantee. If a product malfunction causes an issue with your Straight Line 1000 floor marking tape machine, simply return it to Precision Floor Marking, Inc. for a replacement or repair at no cost to you. This includes Precision Floor Marking, Inc.’s shipping fees back and forth. Damage caused by accidents, misuse, improper care or alterations are not considered product malfunctions and therefore not covered.

Get Straight Line 1000 By Precision Floor Marking Now!

When you need basketball court markings gym floor tape industrial floor marking tape applied with precision, use the Straight Line 1000 floor tape applicator from Precision Floor Marking Inc. The Straight Line 1000 line marking machine has a wide range of applications and will last for years. You will save both time and money with our floor marking tape machine whether you use a contractor or do it yourself.  Best of all will be the satisfaction that comes from doing a job well with lasting results. What are you waiting for? Get your Straight Line 1000 floor marking tape machine today!