Tips For Choosing Best Floor Marking Tape

Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Floor Marking Tape

You may wonder why high quality floor marking tape matters. First, what exactly is it? Floor marking tape is exactly as its name suggests, tape applied to floors. But it’s far stronger than your average household tapes because it serves far greater purposes.

Industrial floor marking tape is a specific kind of tape specially designed to be adhered to floors, primarily in industrial or workplaces. It’s made with a powerful adhesive to allow it to withstand the harshest of conditions and ensures that it will remain stuck in place for many years. This makes it essential to choose the best floor marking tape on the market.

Follow our top 3 tips to choose the best floor tape marking for your project and be rewarded with a professionally marked floor that will last.  For the best floor tape marking results you will need the right tools, proper floor marking tape, and correct techniques.

Why Should We Choose Good Quality Floor Tapes?

Floor marking tape is used for a wide variety of reasons, including dividing spaces, creating aisles and boundaries, and providing directions. There are many applications for floor marking. They’re most commonly used in manufacturing and industrial facilities, such as warehouse floor marking. But it is used as well for gymnasium floor taping, floor marking for contractors, and for government and civil properties and facilities.

It’s crucial to remember floor taping isn’t applied for aesthetics. Floor marking tape is designed to communicate direction and information to employees, guests, and pedestrians using the space and working in the area. Choosing the best floor marking tape is necessary for safety protocols, quality organization, and ensuring quality control measures are attained. It matters greatly for any business’s bottom line.

How to Choose the Best Floor Marking Tape for Your Project

To make sure your facility gets the most out of your investment in industrial floor taping, it’s important to choose the marking tape that best matches your goals. The best place to begin is to identify your goals for why you need to mark your floors, then estimate traffic, and finally consider the environmental conditions.

1. What are you trying to achieve? Are you:

  • Marking hazardous areas and safety protocols
  • Organizing storage facilities and equipment
  • Defining directions with lanes and pathways for guidance, caution, and exit routes
  • Laying permanent tape, temporary tape, or marking for paint lines to be applied

Consider the end goal for marking your floors.

2. How much traffic does that area get?

Wear-and-tear is normal, but when using permanent or temporary floor marking tape to define areas, it must be able to stand up to traffic. Will foot traffic be heavy or light? Will there be machinery and heavy equipment driving over it? Will there be 24-hour use or limited hours of use?

3. What are the environmental conditions in the location to be marked?

Will it be indoors or outdoors? The conditions the tape will be used in will affect which type of floor marking tape you need to ensure effectiveness and longevity. Knowing factors like exposure to extreme temperatures, water & humidity, dirt & debris, UV light, and more will help in finding the right tape for the job.

Every facility will have different needs when it comes to floor markings. Using this guide to identify the correct tape for your location, you’ll be sure to find exactly which marking tape you need to fit your unique purposes.

Advantages of Choosing the Best Floor Marking Tape

Choosing the highest quality floor marking tape has many advantages. Whether you need extra-tough tape to withstand forklift traffic, sporting events, or tape for more everyday needs like pedestrian traffic or caution marking, having the best floor marking tape will ensure your tape stands up to any use. High quality floor taping offers advantages such as:

  • Efficient & Easy to Install – High quality floor tape applies quickly and easily without the need to shut down the facility versus the dry time and fumes associated with using paint to mark lines.
  • Durable – Choosing the best tape ensures that your floor marking won’t come off until you want it to come off. You want floor tape that’s designed to stay in place on any type of surface without the edges lifting or curling while also maintaining vivid color. This is especially critical when it comes to markings used for cautions and hazardous areas.
  • Flexible – The best floor tape can be used in a variety of ways and on many types of surfaces. You need it to stay stuck in place, then when you need to remove it, it can be easily removed to make way for new markings.
  • Inexpensive – When compared to other floor marking options, using floor marking tape is a considerably more affordable option.

Achieve Success with The Right Floor Marking Tape Application Tool

Once you’ve identified the correct floor tape for your project, you will want to identify the right application tool to achieve the ultimate floor tape marking success.  It is difficult, labor intensive and back breaking to mark perfectly straight lines on a floor without an effective tool. The Straight Line 1000 floor tape marking machine is the best on the market for applying both permanent and temporary floor tape.

The benefits of using the Straight Line 1000 will amaze you with accuracy, durability, speed and cost savings.  Because your floor taping job will be done quickly (up to 4 times faster) labor costs will be reduced and productivity will be increased. When you choose the best floor marking tape designed for your project, applied with the best floor taping machine from Precision, you will achieve results that will last.

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